Terms and conditions of use

1. Insurance and Tracking are highly recommended.  We will not issue a refund if you decided to save a buck and your order gets lost or broken.  That is what insurance is for.  You're not forced to choose it as costs can be prohibitive for international orders, but in choosing not to have insurance and tracking, you waive all rights to refund for shipping issues.

2. If you do have any issues with your order, please get in touch immediately.  If you don't get a response within 24 hours, send an email direct to contact@raptorFPV.com.  The Contact form can be sketchy.

3.  Have fun!  

4.  Send me your videos, pictures..whatever!  These products are designed by enthusiasts FOR enthusiasts and nothing is more pleasing than seeing/hearing of others enjoying RaptorFPV gear!

5.  Stay Classy!  There's a lot of hype, hate and misinformation regarding Quads/Drones.  Follow the rules and laws as they apply.  Anyone observed breaking the laws or rules and using RaptorFPV gear will be publicly ostracized, ridiculed, tarred and feathered, etc.  This is your only warning.